Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the questions that we hear most often. If you can't find an answer to something, please feel free to give us a call!

Q1. What kind of fish will I catch?

Alaska salmon, wild and natural!

King salmon are available in May and June. Keta salmon are available in June and July. Pink salmon and Silver salmon are available in August and September. Visit our Wildlife page for additional information about Alaska's species of wild salmon.

Q2. Can I take my fish home?

Ship your catch home! We can help you with arrangements.

Yes! There are several local seafood processing companies that will package your fish to arrive safely at your destination.

Q3. Will I catch a "hatchery" fish?

Your catch, wild and natural!

You very well might! We bring clients to fish from shore or from the Douglas Island Pink and Chum (DIPAC) docks. DIPAC is a successful salmon hatchery raising salmon fry and then releasing them to mature in Alaska's glacier-fed oceans.

Q4. What kind of fishing license do I need?

Got license, ready to fish! All legal-like.

You will need a non-resident Alaska fishing license. You can purchase it online at;

Q5. What kind of boat will I fish from?

NO BOAT FISHING, it's the best way to reel in the catch of the day!

We are a shoreside salmon fishing adventure, so you will be fishing from a local dock, not from a boat. This allows you to enjoy the experience of catching an Alaska salmon and still have time to enjoy other sights around Juneau during your visit.

Q6. How many fish am I legally allowed to catch?

Fish for generations to enjoy Alaska's sustainable harvest!

Alaska salmon are managed for sustainability, and that means that harvest levels are closely watched during openings. There are often mid-season changes in catch regulations, and we will let you know what the legal limits are on the day of your adventure.

Q7. Are Alaska salmon endangered?

Fish for generations to enjoy Alaska's economy depends on healthy salmon stocks!

No. It is written in Alaska's constitution that wild fish stocks must be sustainably managed. That's how important fish are to Alaska's heritage, economy, and Alaska's fishing families.

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